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Cost of living survey for horse owners & keepers

Survey information

Thank you for your interest in this survey.

The research is being undertaken on behalf of the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) by representative members Redwings Horse Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare, Blue Cross, The British Horse Society, Oak Tree Animal Sanctuary and the British Farrier and Blacksmith Association.

The data is being collected using an online survey tool under a subscription owned by Redwings Horse Sanctuary and data will be stored locally once the survey is closed. All data collected in this survey is completely anonymous as no personal data will be collected. The survey runs from 20th December 2022 to 31st January 2023 and should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

The survey will ask a range of questions about your own experience as an equine owner in the face of rising costs and ways you may be adapting in order to cope, including what steps you may consider taking if you find you are unable to afford your horse, pony, donkey or mule in the near future. Please note that for simplicity the word 'horse' refers to all equines in the survey. Many questions have a small red asterisk next to them, meaning they are required. If a required question is left blank it is not possible to move to the next section of the survey. There will usually be a 'not sure' or 'not applicable' option to select if needed.

NEWC intends to use the results from this study to produce a publicly available report highlighting the real challenges and concerns of horse owners and keepers, and how the cost of living is impacting horse health and wellbeing. It will also allow us to share these issues where relevant with the UK Government, Devolved Administrations and local authorities to help inform policy development and their understanding of the situation, and, importantly, enable us to create, develop and publish relevant guidance and advice to support horse keepers across the UK.

By volunteering to participate in this survey and completing the following questions, you are providing consent for your answers to be stored and shared between the research team organisations.

If you have any questions about the study, please email

1. We ask that all participants live in the UK, are aged 18 or over and own or care for at least one horse, pony, donkey or mule.

Please confirm that all of the following statements apply to you:

I am aged 18 years or over
I live in the UK
I care for at least one equine
I am completing this survey voluntarily

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