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Internet Safety

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What should you NOT look for in anti-virus software?  *This question is required.

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When choosing an anti-virus program you should look for one that protects against a range of online threats, scans emails for potentially unsafe emails and automatically updates. 

Advanced scanning options might be useful but they aren't something you need. 

Which of the following is not a way to unlock a phone screen? *This question is required.

Sorry, incorrect!

PINs, passwords, patterns and fingerprints are all ways to unlock a phone screen. 

Face recognition, not facetime, is another way to lock the screen. 

Which of these is not a way to update your files? *This question is required.
Sorry, incorrect. You can use the Cloud, external hard drive or a memory stick to back up your files.

How do you know if a website is safe? *This question is required.
Sorry, incorrect. 
What does trolling mean? *This question is required.
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Trolling is where someone starts an argument online, usually to get a reaction from people.
Imagine that you have received a message from a friend, asking you to follow a link to a website where you can make money quickly. What should you do? *This question is required.
Sorry, incorrect. It is never a good idea to click on links you don't recognise.

When using a public or shared computer, is it safe to let the computer save your account details?  *This question is required.
Sorry, incorrect. If you leave your details, someone may be able to use them.
Which of these is the least secure way to create a password? *This question is required.
Correct! Three random objects put together or mixing a few words and numbers are good ways to make a stronger password. Using your personal information is not.
Sorry, incorrect. Using your pet's name or your date of birth are the least secure ways.
Thank you for completing the quiz. 

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