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Proposed changes to the Wyre Localised Council Tax Support Scheme for 2023/24

What is the Localised Council Tax Support Scheme?

The Localised Council Tax Support (LCTS) scheme provides working-age (18-64 year olds) council tax payers on low income with financial help in the form of a council tax discount to reduce the amount of council tax they are required to pay.  

The amount of LCTS a claimant receives depends on a number of things including their income, how many people live in their household, their age and circumstances, and the council tax band their home is in.

The changes proposed in this consultation do not affect the discounts that pension-age council tax payers, on a low income, receive.

Why are we consulting about the LCTS scheme?

We want to make changes to the scheme for 2023/24 in order to:
  • ensure that it provides better financial support to those on the lowest incomes, particularly through the cost of living crisis;
  • reduce the costs associated with administering it; and
  • simplify the scheme so claimants can better understand it.
Before we make any changes to the scheme we first need to ask you about our proposals. We want to hear the views of everyone, whether you receive LCTS or not.

By completing this survey you will be helping to shape our LCTS scheme and ensuring that we make the best use of the money we have available, whilst still providing valuable financial support to the most vulnerable.

Who should take part in this consultation? 

This consultation is open to everyone who lives, works, studies, or owns residential property in Wyre.

How you can give your views

By completing the survey to follow. This consultation is open from 29 October to 01 December 2022.

As yet we have not made any final decisions about the proposed changes to our LCTS scheme. Your views and ideas will help us to make those decisions.

You can also complete the survey in person at the following places; 

1.       Wyre Council, Civic Centre reception, Poulton
2.       Garstang library
3.       Fleetwood library
4.       Fleetwood Citizen's Advice, at Fleetwood Market
5.       The Pantry, Fleetwood Trust (former hospital), Pharos Street 
6.       Poulton library
7.       Thornton library
8.       Cleveleys library
9.       Knott end library

What will happen next?

Once the consultation has closed we will consider all of the feedback we have received when finalising our LCTS scheme for 2023/24. The Council will make a final decision on the scheme no later than 11 March 2023.