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FX Markets - Best Banks Awards 2022

Welcome to the 28th annual FX Markets Best Banks awards survey.


The Best Banks awards have undergone an overhaul this year, with FX Markets refreshing the categories and updating the way we collect market feedback.

We will continue to encourage as many market participants as possible to complete the survey, but we are making an extra effort this year to obtain input from the largest users of FX products - via the survey form or phone interviews - to ensure their views are well represented in the results.

To help us compile the survey, we ask that you cast your votes by October 21, 2022.

Any queries should be sent to Giada Nacucchi.

How to vote

The survey consists of three sections. Please answer the questions that you feel you have the experience to make a valid judgements on.

For the first two categories, you will be asked to select from a drop down menu. If your company of choice is not listed, please be sure to specify the full name in the 'Other' field.

Please note the following before completing this survey:

1. Only votes with full business contact details will be counted.
2. Any votes cast for a respondent’s own institution will be deleted.
3. Respondents are only eligible to vote once. Duplicate votes will be deleted.
4. You are only eligible to vote for each company once in each category. Any duplication will be deleted and only the first vote will count.

The survey should take you no more than five minutes to complete. On the next page you will be asked to complete your business contact details to validate your votes. This section is compulsory and must include a company email address.