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DramaWest Call for contributions Breath Conference 2022

Introduction and details

Breath: inspiration, transformation, expression

This year, DramaWest is returning to a long-awaited face-to-face conference at Perth College, Mt Lawley. The conference will have some sessions that may be live-streamed or pre-recorded.

This year’s conference theme foregrounds and explores the central role of breath in our work, lives and community as Drama educators and practitioners. Breath provides the foundation on which we build our performance work – supporting the voice, bringing the body into alignment, maintaining focus and control, and acting as a mechanism to bring us into unity and rhythm with one another. Breath can be calming, energising, motivating, connecting. The events of the past few years have limited our opportunities to come together, to breathe freely and connect in ways we may have taken for granted. So, this year our intention at DramaWest is to bring our focus back to that essential, foundational aspect of our lives and work – the breath. 

We invite you to join us from the many First Nations lands on which you work and live, to gather at Perth College on Saturday 3rd December, and to engage with the theme ‘Breath - inspiration, transformation, expression. 


We want your practice and your experience! We invite educators, researchers, artists and industry to contribute to the Conference. 

Contributions can address classroom practice, drama in a primary school setting, WACE Drama, well-being, and First Nations perspectives, history and culture. Expressions of interest to present recent research in the field of drama and theatre education are also encouraged. Contributions can be in the form of workshops (60 minutes), masterclass (120 minutes) or research papers/presentations (30 minutes).

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: Friday, 9 September 2022

We ask that contributors address one or more of the following themes/threads:
  • Inhale / Inspire: Gathering inspiration from the world around you to inform drama learning. Creating learning environments that inspire and nourish. Strategies that may support or inspire pre-service and graduate teachers. 
  • Hold / Transform: Strategies to support self-, social- and spatial-awareness in the drama classroom. Transformative practice / transformative learning. Strategies for teacher and student wellness that can be transferred into the classroom.
  • Exhale / Express: Strategies to support and encourage diverse expressions of learning  and understanding in the drama classroom. Drama as action. Using embodied pedagogies to enhance student outcomes beyond the Drama classroom. 
  • Collective breath / Synchronicity: Fostering connection and collaboration in the Drama classroom and beyond. Application of Drama for cross curricular teaching and learning. Embedding inter- and cross-cultural perspectives into the Drama classroom, with a particular focus on the inclusion of First Nations voices. 
  • Academic Research: on any of the above.
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