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Government Mental Health Plan: Share your experience

What's happening?

In April, the Government announced it wants to make a ‘Mental health and wellbeing cross-government plan’ that will transform the support we receive for our mental health over the next ten years. They have promised to publish the plan by the end of the year and they are now asking for people’s views on what should be included.

We have come together as a mental health sector and in particular with fellow charity Mind, to tell the Government what change needs to happen.

We have built this survey to understand more about your experiences. We want to know what your mental health journey has been like, particularly since the beginning of the pandemic.

By taking this survey, you are helping us understand what you want out of this ten-year plan so that we can make sure the Government listens to young people’s priorities. What you tell us will form part of our organisations’ responses to Government - and the more of us that join, the stronger the voices of young people will be. Your response will be included anonymously.

This survey is for people aged 11-25 who live in England. You can take part whether or not you have a diagnosed mental health condition. It should take no longer than 5-10mins to complete it. If you don’t live in England and want to influence government mental health policies, you can find out how through the Scottish Association for Mental Health if you live in Scotland, Mind Cymru if you live in Wales and Jigsaw if you live in Northern Ireland.

If you are over 25, you can fill in Mind's survey here.

Thank you so much for taking our survey!  
What's in this survey?

This survey is about mental health. Everybody has ‘mental health’ – it includes things like: how we feel about ourselves; how we cope when things are difficult; our ability to make and keep friends and relationships; and how we learn and develop as we grow up.

You don’t have to have an ‘official’ diagnosis from a doctor or health professional to take part in this survey – if you feel you have struggled with your mental health now or in the past, we want to hear about your experience.

This survey includes questions about times you may have struggled with your mental health or reached a crisis point, which includes a reference to suicide. It is important that if you are struggling right now, you reach out for advice and support. You can find links to help here:
Your data

We’ll make the results 100% anonymous. We will share the survey findings within Mind, YoungMinds, with Government, with the media and on our social media channels – but no one will ever know your identity.

It’s 100% voluntary - you can drop out any time if you change your mind, and only answer the questions you want to but we will look at whatever you submit.

If you choose to share personal data with us we will keep it safe and secure. We will never sell your data. Find out more in our privacy policy. If you have any concerns, please contact If you want to see Mind’s privacy policy, you can also view this here.
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