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Mencap's Big Learning Disability Survey

 Mencap's Big Learning Disability Survey

Information about this survey
We would like to ask you some questions about you and your life.


Please only answer the questions if you
  • are an adult aged 18 or over
  • have a learning disability, and
  • live in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)


You can answer each question by putting a tick in the box next to the answer you want. 


will be asking lots of people to fill in this survey. We will write a report about what we find out. We will use your answers to help make life better for people with a learning disability.


Your answers to this survey are confidential.

This means that we will not use your name when we share what we have found out.

You might want somebody to help you read the survey and answer the questions. You can ask a carer, family member or friend to help you.


You can find out what some words mean by pointing your computer mouse at the black star next to the word * (for example, gender*Gender is what you think of yourself as.)

  You can also click on the play button to hear a question read out loud.
You don’t have to take part in this survey if you don’t want to.

 If you change your mind during the survey, you can stop.


We will keep your information in a safe place. We will destroy it after 5 years unless you ask us to do this earlier.

We will not give your personal details to anyone outside of Mencap without you saying we can, unless we have to by law.



You can read more about your rights by visiting our website and reading our latest privacy policy.


Please contact the researchers if you have any questions or thoughts about this survey.

Phone: 0207 696 5524

Dr Carla Barrett
Research Team
              Mencap Centre of Engagement
              123 Golden Lane
               EC1Y 0RT