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"BeFriend Vilnius" I Mentor's questionnaire


"BeFriend Vilnius" is a programme that aims to improve the experience of the newcomers integrating in Vilnius and make it much easier. The programme is based on matching a newly arrived with a volunteer mentor, who is willing to meet up and help with the integration process.

TIPS before signing up for this programme:

1. Make sure you enter the correct personal details, including contacts, to ensure you get the accurate match.
2. Make sure you can commit to at least 2 meetings before registering to ensure smooth mentorship experience
3. Do you speak more languages? Great! Enter them all, this will help more connections to happen.

Ready for your meeting? Register below!

**This is a non-financial support programme that is based on participants' volunteering their free time. We believe that the most sustainable way of help and improvement is sharing ones' invaluable time, not money.

Before you start, please choose your language. You can do that in the upper right corner
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