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Shinkwin Commission Call for Evidence

Welcome to The future of inclusive business: harnessing diverse talent for success.

This survey is aimed at employers and organisations interested in business success, talent pipeline planning, and workforce development, with specific reference to disability, ethnicity/race, gender, and sexual orientation.

We want to better understand best practice in embedding equity, diversity, and inclusion in organisations, and to establish the next steps needed from both business and government to ensure that all talent has the opportunity to flourish in the workplace. We want to know what your priorities are, and where the pressure points lie. 

We will use the data from this survey to inform a White Paper on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, due to be published in the autumn.

Firstly, we would be grateful if you could provide details about yourself/your organisation. Please then complete Section A (this should take you approximately 10 minutes). It would be very helpful if you could also complete as much of Section B as possible, where we have provided longer questions for more detailed responses.  

We thank you for your support.