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June 8TH 2022

On June 8th 2022, Novartis welcomes you to a digital forum for everyone wanting to know more about migraine. This forum is open to attend digitally with family and friends for those who want to know more about migraine.The speaker for this meeting is Physiotherapist Emma Varkey from the Swedish pain center, Sahlgrenska University discussing migraine and physical exercise .  

Date & Time: June 8th 17:00- 18:00 CET/ Finland + 1 hour, 18:00-19:00 EET.

Please note that this meeting is held in English. 

Novartis cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered. By registering for the meeting, you agree that we process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy in your respective country: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

*Please note that this meeting is for the general public, and is suited to an audience looking for basic information about migraine. We are not able to answer any inquires about medical devices, medicine or treatments. Please note that we are not able to accept questions regarding individuals’ specific treatments, and/or side effects during this event. Any questions regarding your treatment and health should be asked to your treating physician.

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