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Inverclyde Young Members Survey

Inverclyde Young Members Survey


My name is Ryan, I'm 23, and I am the new Young Members Officer at the Inverclyde Branch. UNISON Young Members Section is for any young member under the age of 27. Unison is the biggest Trade Union in the council and we have 86 members under the age of 27. In total the council has over 300 staff members under the age of 27 - so there are lots of us. 

We are thinking up some ideas that might help younger workers in the council meet and socialise together.
This way we can share the issues that we face in the workplace and collaborate on how to solve them - a problem shared is a problem solved. 

If you can do me a favour and fill in the survey below I'd really appreciate it. You can fill it in whether your a UNISON member or not! 



1. This survey is for young members under the age of 27. Are you under the age of 27?
2. Personal Information
Are you a UNISON Member?
Are you happy for UNISON to contact you about young members stuff via text, whats app, phone or email?
3. Would you be up for joining a Facebook group/ group chat for young members in Inverclyde? 

4. If your not a member of UNISON would you be happy to join?
5. What is your knowledge of what UNISON offers workers outside of workplace protection
A lot
6. By joining UNISON what would you like to get out of your membership? Tick as many that apply
7. If UNISON could help you with 3 things at work, what would they be?