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BPC Feedback 2022- Updated

Behçet’s Support Coordinator

Behçet’s Patients Support
In partnership with the NHS and Behçet’s UK
‘Helping people with Behçet’s live well.’

Behçet’s Patients Support is provided by Behçet’s Patients Centres  (Registered Charity No 1148599) 
1. Which Behçet’s Centre did you visit?*
2. Thinking about your most recent visit, did you speak with the Behçet’s Support Coordinator in the clinic?
3. Was the meeting space appropriate for your conversation?
4. Again, thinking about your most recent visit, was there any follow up required by the Behçet’s Support Coordinator after clinic?
5. And did the Behçet’s Support Coordinator contact you as arranged?
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6. Do you feel you have access to the Behçet’s Support Coordinator as necessary?
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7. Do you know how to contact the Behçet’s Support Coordinator when you are not attending a clinic at a Behçet’s Centre?
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9. Was the support you received helpful?
11. Did we recommend you contact any other Agency e.g.CAB, DWP, Local Council, Legal Aid?
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12. Are you a member of Behçet’s UK?
13. Did the Behçet’s Support Coordinator offer to link you to other Behçet’s patients perhaps of a similar age or location?
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