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Start a new society


Affiliating your society to Coventry University Students’ Union brings a whole world of benefits and opportunities. It is impossible to list all the advantages, but here are some that are guaranteed;

  • Support and advice when you need it from dedicated staff and officers
  • Access to SU/University room and facility bookings
  • Apply for funding when available
  • Use of SU equipment
  • Financial banking service
  • Training in relevant areas
  • Individual society email account

What you need: To create a society committee you must fill the three core positions of President, Treasurer and Inclusion Officer. You will also be asked to read and accept the Societies Code of Conduct as part of this form. In order to remain an active society, we ask that you hold at least 6 active memberships to the society within 6 weeks of being affiliated. 

Essential information: CUSU societies are democratic student led groups; each society is required to hold an AGM (Annual General Meeting) and Election each year. Each New President, Treasurer, Inclusion Officer and any miscellaneous role is required to attend committee training.

Data Protection: This information will only be used for the safe and effective management and reporting of societies. CUSU agrees not to pass any information on to third parties without your expressed permission. This information will be stored in electronic format held securely with CUSU Scarborough staff.