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Thank you for participating in this survey!

Dear colleague!

Thank you for participating in this survey. The aim of this survey is to identify potentials for extending the ETER perimeter in terms of different areas of interest. Potentials are to be evaluated in terms of their relevance and data sources.

Please consider following fundamental issues:
  • The structure of the questionnaire exactly follows the underlying methodological document
  • The current version of the document incorporates results from the first expert workshop discussing which topics are to be taken into account into this questionnaire.
  • We are aware that the questionnaire will require some efforts because we strongly need your expert input for the mapping.
    • However, note that you can balance the workload by choosing specific areas of interest where you want to contribute
    • By using the save function in combination with a rather long time period the questionnaire is open (until September 30th, 2022).
    • Also note that you can skip questions where you have no contribution (no obligatory questions)

The participation in this survey is voluntary and your answers are treated according to the EU Data Protection Law. Collected data are only published in an anonymized form. For further information on data protection please view the policy below.

If you face any technical issues in completing the survey questionnaire or have any questions, please send your query to or

This study is conducted on behalf of the European Commission, DG for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC).