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HCRG (formerly Virgin Care)

HCRG UNISON members and staff

UNISON are aware that you recently transferred from Virgin Care to HCRG Care Group and we welcome your input in this survey to ensure our records are correct and wish to know if any issues have arisen as a result of the transfer. We would also welcome your feedback regarding any other problems you are currently facing in your workplace so we can effectively support you to resolve them.

All responses to this survey will be treated confidentially and no individual responses will be shared with your employer. By completing this form, you give consent for UNISON to contact you in relation to our organising activity within HRCG. 
If YES has your contract changed since the TUPE
8. Below is a number of issues identified in your workplace. 
For each issue, tick how much you care about the issue. *This question is required.
Space Cell This affects mesometimes affects meThis issue does not affect me
Health and safety concerns in relation to COVID19
Bullying and harassment
Workloads being to excessive/ unmanageable
Low Pay
Staffing issues including not meeting safe staffing levels
Work related stress
Organisational Change
Yes I have for the following reasons; 
13. Improving things  in a workplace is easier when there is a collective voice and a strong union with an active membership. What would you be willing to do to help change things in your workplace? Tick all that apply
  *This question is required.
Space Cell YesNoMaybe
Share this survey with my colleagues
Attend a drop in session about workplace issues
Become a workplace contact and distribute UNISON material at work
Do training to become a union steward or health and safety rep