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Vademecum Survey

Background to the project and this survey

The EU's Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and NextGeneration EU, provide a range of funding and financing programmes to assist project promoters[1], national authorities, and other stakeholders to implement environmental projects. Each fund[2]/financing programme presents different opportunities and contrasting requirements for stakeholders to obtain desired funding. Despite the simplified structure of the 2021-2027 MFF to facilitate stakeholders' access to funding opportunities for environmental projects, key challenges and bottlenecks persist, which can hinder the uptake and efficient use of funding. Thus, there is a clear need to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of all EU funding and financing opportunities for the environment in their respective Member State (MS).

The objective of this project, Commissioned by DG Environment and undertaken by a consortium of  Trinomics, Ricardo and OIR, is to increase the understanding and capacity of future and existing project promoters, national authorities and interested parties on how to access relevant EU funding and financing options. This will be achieved by raising the awareness of and the ability to access environmentally related opportunities available under the MFF and the NextGeneration EU, among the potential applicants. Improving awareness and the ability to access funding entails the provision of key information and increasing the number of potential recipients who are exposed to information on funding opportunities. To this end, the current project seeks to uncover the key barriers and challenges encountered when seeking EU funds for environmental projects. This will assist the formulation of a vademecum,[3] to ultimately point the user towards potential solutions. 

The Vademecum will identify key issues and challenges for different stakeholders, and provide guidance to overcome these issues through an online guidance document/ portal. The Vademecum will raise awareness of funding/financing opportunities for environment and mainstreamed[4] projects, within their design, implementation and/or implementation phases, and raise awareness of technical assistance options for project promoters. The Vademecum will lay out the key issues and challenges encountered by the respondents to this survey, and include any potential solutions that may address or mitigate the effect of these challenges.

Therefore, the purpose of this survey is to gain key insights from your/your entity’s experience in accessing funds, what the challenges have been, and what solutions you believe can assuage the difficulties that arise from these challenges.

[1] Project promoters are both public and private actors, who seek EU funding or financing for projects directly targeting the environment or for environmental mainstreaming.
[2] For the purpose of this project, funding encompasses non-repayable support in the form of grants and provisional guarantees, and repayable support in the form of loans.
[3] For the purpose of this project, a Vademecum is defined as a handbook or guide that is available for consultation.
[4] Environmental mainstreaming in this context means the integration of environmental considerations in a cross-cutting manner into projects and programmes

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