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ArtsPay Survey 2022

ArtsPay Survey 2022

Welcome to the ArtsPro latest Pulse survey: ArtsPay 2022

We value your contribution to the UK's biggest survey of earnings in the arts & cultural sector. The findings will be important for several reasons.
  • As an individual employee, the findings will help you understand where your pay fits in the broader picture, whether it’s in line with sector norms, and show what you might earn in a different or more senior role.
  • For organisations, the survey will help both management and trustees to set realistic pay levels to attract new talent and retain experienced workers.
  • For policymakers, it aims to provide a benchmark against which to assess remuneration within and between sectors, as well as to highlight pay discrimination.
  • And for freelancers, it will reveal the fees being charged for different roles, and help you set your own to ensure you get the most from your pitches for work.

The more responses we get, the more relevant the data will be, and the greater the impact of the findings. Please do encourage your colleagues to take part too.


ArtsProfessional has been running confidential, independent surveys on themes of importance to the sector since 2013. We know readers want answers to questions that aren’t being answered elsewhere. Your completely confidential responses will inform our understanding of - and reporting on - Arts Pay in 2022.