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Survey funnel Oceanarium Bournemouth

Now that you have tried the new website of Oceanarium Bournemouth, Would like you to give us your opinion by answering some questions? It won't take you more than a couple of minutes. 

Lets get started! Thank you so much for your collaboration!

1. Please rate the following web qualities from 1 to 10 (where 1 is "I don't like it at all" and 10 is "I love it") *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
Space Cell 12345678910
Have you found all the products and prices you needed?
Did you find the information included on the web interesting?
Do you consider the information to be well explained?
Have you been able to make the purchase you wanted without problems?
2. Have you found any malfunctions? *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
3. Have you found any content (photo or text) that was not correct? *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
4. Have you found the content you came looking for?  *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
5. Do you think that any section or functionality is left over or missing? *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
6. Would you like us to include any other payment methods?  *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
9. Based on your experience with the web, tell us, from 0 to 10 (where 0 is "I would never recommend it" and 10 is "I would recommend it without hesitation") Would you recommend a friend or family member visit the website? *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
10. How are you entering in the  site? select all the options you have used. *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
11. What web browser have you used? *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend
12. How old are you? *Diese Frage ist verpflichtend