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Which aspect of a High Performance Routine do you need to improve?

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Which aspect of a High Performance Routine do you need to improve?

The purpose of this quiz is to help people to identify which area of their routine they would most benefit from strengthening. 

There are 4 stages to any high-performance routine:

 Preparation – where we mentally prepare, narrow focus and build clarity about the real priorities
Focus – where we work on our highest priorities with maximum focus
 Warm down – where we consciously transition away from work and start recovery process
Recovery – where we replenish energy and gain perspective

Taken together, these 4 stages create a sustainable system that promotes health, wellbeing and performance.  These 4 stages are based on natural biological and psychological rhythms, so following these 4 stages will leave you working more in tune with your body rather than against it.

The more we can structure our days and weeks around these 4 phases - even if some phases are brief - the better and more sustainable our outcomes will be.

Once you have identified which of the 4 areas you could strengthen, you will be invited to consider what specific actions you could take to improve your routine and you will be able to download 10 evidence-based ideas to help with that process.

All of this is free and confidential, but we would love to hear your feedback here

By using this quiz you agree to these terms and conditions - but the bottom line is we collect no personal data, and have no interest in anything other than being useful to people.  Once you take the quiz you will also be offered lots of free resources and tools to try and help you take steps to improve your routine.