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One MSL Global Survey 2022

Welcome to the One MSL Global Survey 2022

If you are a MSL (or equivalent), a manager of MSLs or a senior medical leader, we invite you to participate in this survey.

About this survey
In 2018 we launched our first global MSL survey, which was designed to gather data on the reality of the MSL experience. We have since been thrilled by the insights gathered in our annual surveys, with responses from MSLs from over 45 countries to date. The thought-provoking data we have gathered have been of particular interest to MSLs and senior industry leaders worldwide.

Now, we are proud to open the One MSL Global Survey 2022 with an ambitious goal to gather data from more than 1000 participants from across the world.

This survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You can complete it in stages and come back to it if that is more convenient, simply save your progress using the toolbar at the top of the page (available from the next page onwards).

This survey is best completed on a laptop or PC rather than a mobile device.

About One MSL
One MSL's purpose is to enable organisations to build best-in-class MSL functions, and upskill MSLs and MSL managers to best-in-class. Our mission is to drive global standards of MSL excellence. Our vision is to be the go-to resource for the wider MSL community.

Through our annual surveys, we are able to understand and respond to the reality and challenges MSLs face worldwide.

For more information about One MSL, please visit

We look forward to receiving your response.
1. Your data privacy

We take your data privacy very seriously.

Through this questionnaire, data about you is collected, including some personal data. We therefore ask for your consent to collect, process and store your personal data.

Once collected, your individual responses to this survey will be collated within an anonymized group report for the purposes of group analysis only. Your responses will not be identifiable in the survey reporting.

If you have any queries about how your data will be used and stored, please contact us directly on

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