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Health & Wellbeing Survey 2021/22


Thank you for taking part in our brand-new survey. It should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Every year, we ask people to take our health and wellbeing survey to help us understand what issues are – or aren’t – affecting people who work or have worked in the automotive industry. We use the information we collect to make sure that Ben provides the support and services that people need now and in the future.

The survey is completely confidential and you do not have to enter your name or contact details. The information you give us in this survey will be used for research and service development purposes only and your answers will not be used in a way which would allow identification of your individual responses.

See our Privacy Policy 
here - any issues please contact

By taking part, you’re helping Ben, your industry charity, provide the support and services your industry colleagues need and that’s amazing – thank you!