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Insightful Research Panel

Join the Insightful Research Teacher Panel

We are a small market research consultancy, working in the education and learning sector. We regularly pay teachers and learners to take part in our market research projects that we run on behalf of a range of well-known clients.

We have a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline for 2022 and are looking to boost the number of teachers on our research panel.

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What will I be asked to do?
We know you are busy! Our research ranges from 5 minute online surveys to longer studies asking for a couple of hours of your time spread over a few days or a couple of weeks. The average time commitment for most projects is usually around 45 minutes to an hour for an interview or small group discussion.

How much will I be paid?
Incentives vary depending on the project and the time commitment, but for an interview or focus group you can usually expect to receive between £30 - £100 depending on what we ask you to do. Surveys usually offer the chance to enter a prize draw with multiple smaller prizes. Incentives can be paid in cash, vouchers or a donation to charity on your behalf.

What do we do with your data?
We will use the information we hold about you to get in touch if we think we have a relevant project for you to take part in. These might include paid interviews, focus groups, online research or surveys. We will only get in touch if we have something that fits your profile. We might check in with you from time to time to check that the details we hold about you are still correct.

We don't pass your data on to any other company or partner, and we will never try to sell you anything. If you take part in our research, your participation will be anonymous.
We are members of the Market Research Society and all our research is conducted in line with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

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