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Global SaaS Pricing Survey


Hi, thanks for agreeing to participate in our Global SaaS Pricing Survey!  Questions are simple, don’t require sensitive answers, and according to our models and pretests, it shouldn’t take more than 12 minutes. We recommend doing it on desktop, but mobile also works. 

For every response we receive in this survey, we will create your own unique and confidential SaaS Pricing Maturity Index© benchmarking report and organize a 1h pricing workshop with our consultant as a form of gratitude. If that’s not enough, we also have Amazon vouchers for you to show how much we thank you for your time and input.  

The research aims to gather state-of-the-art pricing knowledge of SaaS C-level executives around the world - we will write actual scientific papers based on that, but also publish it in popular magazines in HBR or Forbes. 

The following survey will ask questions in four areas: pricing mindset, strategy, operations, and tools. 
It was created with thorough scientific literature research, in-depth qualitative interviews with founders and top pricing experts in the field.

My name is Maciej Wilczynski, and I’m a scientist at the Wroclaw University of Economics, and I plan to use the research in scientific journals and my Ph.D.  I’m also a  founder of Valueships, a pricing consultancy boutique, which helps companies gain 10-15% profit increases, so I'm highly focused on practice as well.

Thank you and good luck!