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Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Commissioning Members Survey

UNISON Greater Manchester CCG, GMSS and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership Members' Survey

In Greater Manchester, UNISON is engaged in discussions with workforce leaders regarding ICS through reform through the Workforce Engagement Forum, and have consulted on a series of transition principles established to ensure the national employment commitment is put in place across the city region. Nationally, UNISON has negotiated the employment commitment and other measures to support staff affected by health and social care reform. 

We want to ensure we tackle and address the issues that are most important to our members, and that you have a strong voice in shaping this process. This short survey for CCG and other affected staff in Greater Manchester will help us work together to address your priorities, as well as arranging local discussions with you and your colleagues to answer any questions and discuss next steps. 

The survey closes on 30th November, but we will be monitoring responses to get in touch with members regarding issues raised between now and then.

All responses to this survey will be treated confidentially and no individual responses will be shared with your employer. By completing this form, you give consent for UNISON to contact you in relation to our work regarding Greater Manchester ICS reform.
1. Name of Your employer *This question is required.
6. Are you currently on secondment / fixed term contract?
Has your employer communicated with you clearly about the status of your secondment or fixed term contract during and after the transition to an Integrated Care System?
7. Is your employer communicating with you regularly about the ICS transition process and related plans?
11. Would it be helpful if UNISON arranged a meeting of members and staff in your organisation to discuss the ongoing health and care reforms, and the ICB transition process?
Would you be happy for someone from UNISON to contact you to help us arrange a suitable time and venue (the meeting could be undertaken remotely/virtually)?
12. Improving things  in a workplace is easier when there is a collective voice and a strong union with an active membership. What would you be willing to do to help change things in your workplace? Tick all that apply
  *This question is required.
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