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Education Reform: Responding as a group of children

Education Reform: Responding as a group of children

This consultation is about school and learning. It is for Professor Ken Muir who is looking into how education works in Scotland. It is for use with children of primary school age.

This online tool will help a group of children to talk about and record their views about school and learning. It is likely the children will be middle to upper primary, but you may find some statements you can engage younger children in too. We are asking the adult facilitator to either write responses or make sure children do capture their views as feedback to us. Whatever statements the group choose to respond to, please ensure the survey is completed by clicking through to the very end (100%) - and if completing on a desktop computer, click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

There are 14 statements. We want your group to discuss as many of the statements that they want to. After discussing the statement with the group, use the textbox to tell us how many children Strongly disagreed - Strongly agreed with the statement, as per the scale shown below, and then make a note of some of the children's reasons for their choices. We want you to write down some quotes that help us understand how children feel about the statement. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s what the children think that matters.

On the last page, there is an open text box for you to note any other comments that the children have made.

If you do not want to work online you can use the download version and print and post responses back to us.

This consultation is being managed by Scottish Youth Parliament, Children’s Parliament and Together. If you have a question you can email

You must respond before 19th November 2021.