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Expert survey on the experiential learning in VET


Dear participant,

the main purpose of this online survey is to identify policies and initiatives fostering the key competences (e.g.entrepreneurial, digital, personal, social and learning to learn) through experience-based learning in vocational education and training on different levels. These suggestions will be further used for the development of the inventory of competence-based teaching practices.

Experiential learning is understood as an educational process base on direct sense experience, in-context action, and focus on an individual learner. Therefore, all the practices involving student-centered learning, contextualization, and practical component are considered relevant for this research.

The survey consists of two blocks: general information about the name, geography, and the scope of the initiative, and then optionally more specific information about outcomes of the initiative, competences developed and lessons learnt.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey!