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Benchmark Litigation AP - Submission 2022


Thank you for participating in the Benchmark Litigation research.

Submitting a research form will allow you to provide us with details on your own firm's overall litigation and disputes capacity, including partners you wish to put forward for consideration as litigation stars or future stars and their respective practice areas and a sample summary of the firm's relevant case experience over the past 12 months. The cases submitted for the research cycle will also be used for the annual Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific Awards. 

Make sure you have read our research guidelines carefully before making your upload(s). 

Ensure all your research forms are fully completed and are final versions. We cannot guarantee any revisions or amendments to what you first submitted will be implemented.

Please ensure your research form files are named correctly, our suggested naming format is:

PAGE 1 Please enter your details and then upload your completed submission form(s).
You only need to submit one form per jurisdiction but if you wish to submit multiple forms for specific disputes areas (e.g. commercial and transactions, competition/antitrust, international arbitration, white-collar crime) you may do so. To submit multiple forms simply upload each one in turn using the upload button below (maximum 10).

DO NOT upload client referees here. We do not accept referees detail in any other format. Upload all referees to our Client Referee Portal

PAGE 2 Here you can provide to us the details of any unranked lawyers you would like us to send our lawyer survey to. Taking part in our lawyer survey is an excellent opportunity for lawyers to put themselves forward for consideration as a Litigation Star / Future Star.

For further information on our research process, please contact the publisher William Lo (

1. Your details
4. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR COMPLETED RESEARCH FORM(S) (maximum 10 files)Please ensure your research form files are named correctly, our suggested naming format is:
5. Please select dispute resolution practice areas that you have submitted for 2022 research and wished to be ranked forPlease check the list of ranking categories that we cover in each jurisdiction. Select practice areas within the ranking categories we have listed for 2022 edition. 
6. Please provide the details of up to two other individuals (BD/marketing, PR or even an associate or partner) we can contact about this submission and to arrange research interviews
Space Cell First nameLast namePositionEmail
Research contact 1
Research contact 2
7. Please select up to THREE dispute resolution practice areas that you believe the firm is strongest in