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Police and Crime Plan Consultation

Welcome from John Campion

Following the elections earlier this year, I am pleased to set out my draft plan to deliver on the promises I have made to the communities of West Mercia.

I have always promised that I will listen to communities and ensure their concerns form part of the decisions I make as Commissioner.  I will also continue to ensure the community are at the heart of policing in West Mercia.

Within my plan you will see that I have carried the four main aims over from my first term, as I believe these still encapsulate the priorities and concerns: putting victims and survivors first; building a more secure West Mercia; reforming West Mercia; and reassuring West Mercia’s communities.

This plan provides a clear strategic focus, therefore not all crime types have been included but this does not mean they haven’t been considered or that aren’t deemed important.

Building on the many comments, issues and concerns I heard since my time in office, which have already helped shape my plan, I am taking the opportunity over the next couple of months to enable as many people as possible to have their voices heard. The feedback I receive will not only help inform the development of my draft Police and Crime Plan for West Mercia, but also shape policing and crime.

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