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AF4198_Food Product Testing


Can you help us with our latest project?  
The topic…
  • A food brand is keen to speak with consumers to test a variety of new cooking pastes and get their thoughts and feedback!
The who…
  • People aged 25-45 across the UK
  • Happy to film themselves as part of the research
The what …
  • Complete a quick Video Audition answering 1 question and filming yourself as soon as possible once we have spoken to you.
  • A short briefing call with the client so they can fully explain what’s involved and how to complete the product tests.
  • You will receive 5 cooking pastes to test over roughly 10 days and need to submit ‘review’ videos and text based answers to document your experiences via WhatsApp with a researcher.
  • We need you to try 2 different recipes with each cooking paste (10 recipes in total!)
 The when...
  • Products will be sent out to you between 7th of August to the 9th August
  • A quick briefing call to be expected the same week – the client will call
  • You will then start testing the products from Monday 9th August and must have completed all tests and filming tasks by Friday 20th August latest.
The thank-you…
  • £100 paid by the client – BACs Transfer
  • Incentives will be paid upon successful completion of the research and sent via email within 2-3 weeks.
The how…
  • Complete the online application to see if you meet the requirements and be considered for the next stage of selection!
  • Do you know anyone that might be interested in taking part in this project? For every friend that you refer that successfully takes part in this project, we will give you a £10 eGift card redeemable with Amazon and hundreds of other retailers. Make sure they mention you! 
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