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Scotland's Young Persons Guarantee Application

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9. If your application is successful what Selection Session would be best for you? *This question is required.
Equality and Diversity Questions

Why are we asking these questions?

These questions are optional, please only complete them if you feel comfortable and confident doing so. Your choice not to complete questions will not impact you signing up for the event.

This information will help Young Scot to:
  • Check that the opportunity to take part in this event has reached as wide a range of young people from across Scotland.
  • Consider the representation of the attendees, and to prioritise those young people who face additional barriers due to their background and/or life experience.
What happens with this information?
  • We hold your information securely on our server during the sign-up process.
  • We will keep this information for the duration of the project, and inform the funder of the demographic profile of the volunteer group. We will not identify you individually.
12. Do you have any conditions or additional support needs which have lasted, or are expected to last, at least 12 months?
13. What is your ethnic group? Please select the option that best describes your ethnic group or background.
14. Do you identify as...
15. Which activity below best describes your current education or employment status? Please select the option that you would consider to be your main activity.