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In2research Application

Welcome to the In2research Programme!

The In2research programme offers people from low socio-economic backgrounds the chance to gain knowledge, academic research experience and practical support  from academic mentors to help you kickstart your future in postgraduate research and apply for a PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Our exciting programme will partner you with experts both virtually and in-person, empowering you to confidently take your next step into postgraduate study.

By securing a place on the In2research programme, you will gain access to online research workshops and mentoring, exciting away days, and the opportunity to gain a fully paid 8-week summer research internship at a top university. Although, please note that receiving a research internship is subject to the completion of the mentorship programme. If you'd like more information regarding the programme, please check out our website here.

To be eligible for the programme you must meet the following criteria: 

  • are a British resident, have refugee status, or indefinite leave to remain 
  • be EITHER from a low socio-economic background OR have parents who do not hold higher education qualifications. 

If you’re in a job or at university and think you could benefit from our programme, you can apply below. For university students, we particularly welcome applications from people who would be completing their penultimate year of study in 2021/22 but will still consider applications from final year students. By applying you are committing to fully participating in the programme. We hope you find the experience rewarding, fulfilling, and fun!

Please Note: All 2022 research placements will occur in South East England. Therefore we are accepting applications from people who are able to be in London without accommodation support during the summer of 2022.  This may mean you are at university in London and will stay there during the summer or that you are currently studying outside London but will return home to London for the summer.