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St Albans & Harpenden Urgent Care


NHS Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the local NHS organisation responsible for planning and paying for health care for residents across west Hertfordshire, is looking for feedback on urgent care services provided at St Albans City Hospital.

Urgent care services treat people who need prompt support within a few hours or on the same day for an illness or injury that isn’t life threatening (e.g. sprains, fractures, wounds, minor burns and scalds, removal of foreign objects and minor illnesses such as coughs, diarrhoea and vomiting, infections and skin rashes). The CCG wants to better understand how these services are used and what’s important to people as they decide how to develop urgent care provision in St Albans alongside other healthcare services in West Hertfordshire.

The CCG has reviewed services at Hemel Hempstead and Watford General Hospitals, both of which have urgent treatment centres (UTCs). Urgent care services in Hertsmere are also being reviewed.
St Albans City Hospital currently has a Minor Injuries Unit at St Albans City Hospital. This was temporarily closed in April 2020, when West Herts NHS Trust staff were redeployed to support the pandemic response. It remains closed because the whole of St Albans City Hospital needs to stay a COVID-19 free site for the safety of all patients and so that planned (elective) surgery can safely take place there.
The CCG now needs to decide what sort of urgent care service to provide at St Albans City Hospital once we can reopen services there. We will make that decision based on information that we have gathered about how services have been used and also based on the feedback from this engagement about the needs and views of the people who use the St Albans service.
More information

For more information about urgent care services and the CCG’s review of the options please read the engagement document which can be found here We encourage you to read this document before completing the questionnaire as it provides more information about plans and priorities for urgent care and outlines how future provision at St Albans City Hospital would fit with other local urgent care services.
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