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Estonian diaspora survey

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Dear Estonian abroad,

In 2020, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Culture launched an ambitious research initiative to gain a deeper understanding of the Estonian diaspora. This survey is part of this research project, and is intended for individuals who are either born in Estonia but live abroad or were born outside of Estonia but retain a connection to Estonia. The research is carried out by the independent think-tank Institute of Baltic Studies ( in cooperation with the Center for Applied Anthropology.

This questionnaire aims to understand better the experiences, identities, needs and expectations of Estonians abroad and Estonian diaspora communities. The research results will be compiled into a final report (published in January 2022) that includes a comprehensive description of Estonians and Estonian communities abroad and providing policy recommendations to Estonian state institutions to support Estonians abroad.

In particular, the survey will focus on the following topics:
- how do you feel towards Estonia or other Estonians abroad?
- what motivates Estonians abroad to visit Estonia or engage with its culture, language or media;
- what are your future plans? Including plans to move or return to Estonia;
- what programmes and services could the Estonian government offer to the diaspora and Estonians abroad.

This is the first study of this scale and magnitude – we aim to reach as many Estonians abroad as possible, in every corner of the world!

Please take this survey if:
- you are 16 years of age or older, and
- your permanent residence is outside of Estonia, or you normally live away from Estonia for more than six (6) months in a year, and
- you are an Estonian citizen; OR your parents, grandparents etc are Estonian citizens (even if you are not) or your Estonian ancestry or heritage spans even more generations; OR you were born and lived in Estonia for a longer period of time (no matter the citizenship you have)

Several prizes will be drawn among the participants (gift cards/vouchers for Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Lingvist and others), more details are available at the end of this survey. The total value of the prizes is 1000 EUR. It will take you around 15-25 minutes to complete the survey.

All your responses and data remains fully anonymous, no confidential data will be shared with any other parties. The results will be presented in the public research report only in an aggregated and impersonal way. If you opt to leave your personal data (your contact details for the prize draw), only the Institute of Baltic Studies has access to this information and this data will be deleted within three months after the end of this research. For more information about the survey please see the website:

You can take the survey in English, Estonian or Russian – you can change the language at the upper-right corner of this page. To start the survey, please click the "Next" button below, or if you use mobile or a tablet, the blue button with an arrow.

NB! We have extended the deadline of the survey. It remains open until the 30th of November 2021.

Thank you for your help! If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, please contact our team at