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Youth Music Empower Hour - Your Pitches

Do you help children and young people to make, learn or earn in music? Would you like to inspire other projects and professionals in the Youth Music community with your unique approach? 

Empower Hour is designed to: 

  • inspire the community with the latest thinking in inclusive music learning; 
  • platform the diverse mix of projects, practices and people nationwide; 
  • spark connections between music leaders; 
  • catalyse change in sector practices. 

Every month, we’ll invite (and pay) a different expert from the Youth Music community to host a session, lasting up to an hour.  
Anybody can pitch an idea to us. In fact, we particularly welcome submissions from those who haven’t done anything like this before. From babies right through to young adults, we’re keen to hear from experts working across the whole children and young people age range.  
The brief:
Empower Hour will run once a month on Thursdays between 12 noon and 1pm.
Your session should: 

  • ideally cover one of the following themes (but if you have an amazing idea that doesn’t, yet still feels ‘Youth Music’, don’t be afraid to pitch it to us!) 
    • Equality, diversity and inclusion
    • Wellbeing 
    • Safeguarding; 
  • be designed for delivery on Zoom; 
  • last for a maximum of one hour (although can be shorter); 
  • be inclusive and mixed format in approach - check out Youth Music’s new online quality framework for tips to support inclusive online learning; 
  • be accessible to people with different needs (we’ll be using the Zoom live transcription as standard and will expect to send out notes prior to the session for anyone who requests them); 
    • work with at least 20 participants (you can specify a maximum number of participants beyond this number). 

In return we will provide: 

  • Zoom co-hosting and set up; 
  • pre and post event administration; 
  • payment of £150 per session. 

How to apply 
You’ll need to complete the following details in this form: 

  • Name*  
  • Contact details 
  • Social media handle/s* 
  • A bit about yourself, in up to 50 words* 
  • Session title and 1-2 sentence description*.

    *This information will be made publicly available as part of the programme 

 You’ll also submit a short video telling us about the contents of your session and how you’ll deliver it. The video should be no more than 5 minutes in length and can be submitted via a YouTube or Vimeo link or through email or a file sharing app such as WeTransfer.