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The Construction Industry Levy is collected and distributed by CITB.  FIS is a CITB Prescribed Organisation and under the Industrial Training Act we are required to consult with Levy paying members of FIS through the defined process and respond collectively on their behalf.  The proposed future collection levels are:

Proposed levels of Construction Levy 2022-25:
0.35% on PAYE staff
1.25% on Net paid (taxable) CIS sub-contractors

Total wage bill:
£0 - £119,999 - Exempt from paying Levy
£120,000 - £399,999 - 50% reduction on your Levy

Please be aware this is not a vote on the continuance or discontinuance of CITB, that decision can only be made by government.  It is an opportunity to agree or disagree on the proposed method of generating levy to be collected from employers that fall within the scope schedule of the Act over the next three years:

Before you proceed please ensure you have considered the information available to make an informed decision, to confirm this before you respond please see:  

FIS will be happy to talk you through this information, please call:
George on 07553 874838 or email
Catherine on 07900 083325 or email
Marie on 07799 903103 or email

In order for us to comply with our obligations we would be grateful if you could provide, in confidence, the information requested below.
1. Contact details
2. Are you the decision maker for your organisation?  (If no, please pass this survey to the decision maker)
3. Is the company you are responding on behalf of CITB registered? *This question is required.
4. Have you received sufficient information on the Levy Proposals and the Levy Context on which to make a considered judgement?*
As you selected 'No' to the question above, please return to the information available at or leave this survey as the consensus response must be based upon employers informed decisions and further responses will be considered invalid.