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Design Research

Beolink system customer research

Thank you for showing interest in helping Bang & Olufsen's design team learn more about Beolink customers and their systems.

Bang & Olufsen's design team are seeking to learn more about people who consider themselves as heavy users of Beolink Multiroom (and Network Link specifically). We would like to understand your system today, what you love, what you don't, and how you listen to music at home. We will contact 10 people to interview initially. Please complete this survey so we can understand what kind of system you have: it should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.
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B&O A/S is the data controller of the personal data you have provided to us and that we collect during the survey (processing is necessary for the performance of the agreement with you, GDPR Article 6.1. b). We need your contact details to be able to identify the material featuring you and to contact you in case of further questions. We will use your test feedback to improve experiences with our products. The test feedback and the personal data will be processed and kept for a period of 30 days after completion of the survey. For further information about how we process your personal data and your rights, we kindly refer you to our privacy policy's sections about where we store and process your personal data, our disclosure of personal data to third parties, and your rights. 

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1. When did you first become a Bang & Olufsen customer?
2. How often do you use Beolink Multiroom?
3. Which of the following wireless speakers do you currently have in use at home?
Please select all that apply
4. Which music systems and controllers do you have?
Please select all that apply
5. Which speakers do you have in your system?
Please select all that apply
6. Which TVs do you have in active service in your home?
Please select all that apply
7. Which of these content services and ecosystems do you use?
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8. What is the make up of your household?
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Thank you for filling out the survey.
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