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FIS Insurance Survey

FIS Insurance Reform Survey

1. Contact details
2. How would you describe your organisation?
4. What insurance products does your business currently purchase? 
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6. How have your business insurance costs changed over the last 3 years?
7. Is the price of insurance a problem for your business?
8. Have you experienced any difficulty in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage?
9. Would your business be interested in participating in an FIS led initiative to develop a membership insurance solution focussed on collective risk analysis/management and ultimately securing better coverage and pricing through working closer with insurers?
10. Would you be prepared to provide the Schedules for the various insurance coverage your business currently purchases?
11. Does your business currently buy or would you be interested in procuring any of the following products?
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Insurance Backed Guarantees
Performance Bonds
Retention Bonds
Surety Bonds
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.