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MINDSCAPES attender survey


Thank you for taking part in MINDSCAPES. We would be very grateful if you could give us some feedback on the artworks and events that you saw/participated in. Any data collected by us through this survey will be used for anonymised data monitoring purposes.
1. Please tell us which artworks/events you have seen
4. Based on your experience of MINDSCAPES how would you rate the following:
Space Cell Very goodGoodNeither good nor poorPoorVery poorDon't know
Quality of the artworks/events
How well the artworks/events reflected your interests
Accessibility of the artworks/events
5.  How far do you agree with the following statements:
Space Cell Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree not disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeDon't know
The artworks/events increased my understanding of subject areas / themes addressed
The artworks/events made me think of the subject areas in a different way
The themes in the artworks/events are relevant to my life
The themes in the artworks/events are relevant to society