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Schedule F: Digital Marketing. Claim form 2021

Notes to Claimants - please read carefully

This claim form is to be used by eligible undertakings that have applied for support for Digital Marketing and who's application has been accepted by TradeMalta, the confirmation of which would have been in the form of an Incentive Entitlement Certificate (either by post or electronically). The claim form and any attached documents will be treated in confidence and are subject to TradeMalta's Personal Data Protection Policy, which is described at the end of this document.

This claim form must reach TradeMalta within three (3) months from the end of the promotion/marketing activity in question.

Prior to filling and submitting this claim form, applicants should ensure to have read the International Trade Promotion Scheme guidelines available on TradeMalta's website. 

All required fields in this claim form must be completed. You will be able to save your progress as you go along. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address filled in, with a link to the application, if it is not finalised. Once the Claim Form is submitted (by clicking "Submit" or closing the window without saving), this link will no longer be active, but TradeMalta can still send you a link if you need to re-access the form.

Further information, including information and guidance on the filling in of the claim form, may be obtained by contacting TradeMalta during office hours on (+356) 2247 2400 or via email at

Trade Malta may request further information to support its decision for the claim approval.

Only claims related to expenses for activities undertaken during the calendar year 2021 can be submitted under in this form.