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Rebel 'Get S*** Done' Social List

Social Media and Digital Communications

Our social media is a bridge between ourselves and you - the community! It is the way we tell our story and connect with you - especially in recent times where social contact has been so restricted.

We want to do our best to make sure it is honest, authentic and interesting for you so we would love your feedback and thoughts

Love Clare and the team
1. What is your preferred social media platform?
3. What type of post do you prefer?
5. Do you engage with the 'Tartan Rebels' community Instagram page?
6. Which theme do you enjoy the most of our posts?
7. When we caption posts on social media, how detailed would you like them to be?
8. Do you follow us on Spotify? If yes do you listen to our music playlists?
9. How interactive would you like to be with us on social media?
10. Which of the following do you prefer on Instagram?
12. If we were to launch a podcast, what subject area would you most prefer we discussed? Please provide suggestions if you can!
13. What is your preferred platform for listening to podcasts?