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Rebel 'Get S*** Done' Product List


What have you liked so far in terms of our product offerings? What would you love to see in future? These questions will help us get the full picture!

Since we will not mass produce anything for ethical reasons, this feedback will enable us to continue being thoughtful and considerate in what we make

Love Clare and the team

1. Which fashion item have you liked the most and why?
2. Which interiors item have you liked the most and why?
3. Which non-fabric item have you liked the most and why?
4. Which style of scarf is your favourite and why?
5. Which tartan design have you liked the most and why?
6. We know you love our loungers, however if we were to bring out other kinds of top garments, which would you most like to see?
7. We don't believe things should be strictly categorized as being for men or women. However, if we were to create garments to fit male bodies, what would you most like to see?
8. Which accessory would you prefer to see more of?
9. If we were to create more bags, what kind of style would you like to see and why?
10. In terms of fit for a fashion garment such as jumpers and coats, which do you prefer the most and why?
11. For new tartan designs, which colour palettes would you like to see?
12. In terms of our wash bags, which one did you like the best and why?
13. Would you like to see more items for children? Please state your reasons why 
14. Would you purchase our fabric by the metre?