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Gravitate Delphi Participation

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is funding a 5-year worldwide research project – Gravitate - Health. Gravitate Health aims to empower and equip citizens with health information from trusted sources to facilitate personal health management and medication needs. The goal is to create a digital tool which will improve access and understanding of health information for patients and caregivers to ensure safe use of medicines, risk minimization and improved quality of life. Currently, the scope of the digital tool is focused on prescription medicine treatments and adherence.

We are pleased to announce a call for representatives to form an Expert Panel to take part in a Delphi survey. We are searching for a group of maximum 25 individuals (patients, patient representatives, caretakers, citizens, and healthcare professionals). This group will play a major role in prioritizing key user needs and requirements of the Gravitate Lens digital tool. The survey will consist of two online survey rounds which will take a maximum of 30 minutes each to complete. The survey will be administered between end of April and beginning of May 2021 (final dates TBD).

We are searching for health care professionals, citizens, patients, and caretakers who regularly take or facilitate the administration of prescription medication and/or may be experiencing chronic or co-morbid conditions.

We would like to have as diverse a range of age groups, genders, and geographical origins as possible, so we will make a selection among respondents to this call to achieve a suitable balance in the group of 25 people selected. You should be comfortable in reading English to select answers to questions, but there will be no requirement to write or speak English. Experience or knowledge about digital health is welcome but not required. 

If you are interested in putting yourself forward to the selection of volunteers, you will need to provide your consent to taking part in the selection process and to the collection of personal data in the selection form. To help you decide if you wish to volunteer please read the full information notice and details of next steps on the next page. If you are selected you will then receive an email from The Synergist, a member of the Gravitate Health consortium, inviting you to complete the two-part survey.  Please note that this is a request for volunteers and remuneration is not possible at this time.