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Loop UX is a Copenhagen based user research company. We frequently need people like you to participate in one of our research studies that we conduct on behalf of our clients.

Everyone who participates in a research study is compensated with a gift certificate
1. Here at Loop UX, we take data protection seriously and always treat personal data with the utmost care and respect. We collect and use your data for research purposes only, and not for any other purpose. The data we collect may include, but is not limited to, written information, video recordings, sound recordings and/or images. As per the EU General Data Protection Regulations (in effect from May 25, 2018), private citizens are now entitled to stricter data protections, giving you more control over your personal data. This means that:

- We only process your data with your consent
- You may withdraw your consent at any time

If you have any questions about your data now or at a later time, you can contact Loop UX's Data Officer:

Your consent is a requirement for participation in research studies conducted by Loop UX. Please indicate whether you consent to Loop UX processing your personal data for research purposes. Before giving consent, please read Loop UX's Data Protection Policy. *This question is required.
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