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This survey is part of an academic research project undertaken at the University of Turin, in the framework of the Tech4Culture Programme (EU Horizon 2020 & Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Funds).

1. To collect information about the current trends in using equipment and scientific instrumentation in diverse conservation workplaces.
2. To check with the professionals working in the field of Heritage Conservation their tendency to resort to instrumental analyses and developed technologies in their routine practice.
3. To set recommendations from the survey’s conclusions, addressed to any emerging or newly established structure dedicated to conservation, with relevant feedback about the most essential and sustainable equipment to acquire.

Conservators, conservation scientists, heritage architects or engineers, and other professionals working for the preservation of cultural heritage such as collection Curators or field Archaeologists, who are mostly the “users” of such equipment & instrumentation.
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Benefiting from the experience of professionals such as yourself is truly valuable to our work and to the conservation community in general.
At the end of the form, you can specify your disclosure preferences for the treatment of the collected data and for anonymity if necessary.

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