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E-PRTR Regulation revision - Targeted Stakeholder Survey

Assessment of Options for Revision of the Regulation establishing the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) – Targeted Stakeholder Survey

The primary aim of the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) is to improve public access to environmental information, allowing for the informed participation of EU citizens in environmental decision-making on the EU’s largest (agro-)industrial activities. This targeted stakeholder survey will assist the European Commission in assessing possible legislative or non-legislative measures to improve implementation of the E-PRTR Regulation (EC/2006/166). The E-PRTR Regulation is closely linked to the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and there is a similar ongoing survey supporting revision of the IED.

The scope for revision of the E-PRTR Regulation is set out in this inception impact assessment. To inform revision of the E-PRTR Regulation, work will be undertaken to understand the problems and their drivers, and to identify policy options that can address them in addition to achieving the overall policy objectives more efficiently, coherently and clearly.

The information gathered through this survey will be of great importance. It will be used to clarify the problems; identify synergies with revision of the IED; design policy options; define the baseline for the assessment; and assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of the selected policy options. This will enable comparison of the policy options against the baseline and will contribute to the Commission’s impact assessment and staff working document.

RPA Europe, Aether and Air Quality Consultants are supporting the European Commission with the E-PRTR impact assessment, including stakeholder engagement activities. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact us at

This survey is intended to gather feedback for the impact assessment from stakeholders involved in implementation of the E-PRTR Regulation. It groups questions under six problem areas that broadly reflect the inception impact assessment, namely:
  1. Activities and activity thresholds
  2. Pollutants and thresholds for reporting releases
  3. Information to track progress towards the circular economy and the decarbonisation of industry
  4. Reporting modalities and data flow
  5. Access to E-PRTR information
  6. Releases from diffuse sources and products

Survey instructions

The electronic interactive version of this survey contains questions based on which type of organisation you represent. The questions are tailored depending on whether you represent a Member State authority (at any level of administration), industry (individual company or trade association) or other stakeholder group (environmental NGOs, technical experts, academia and researchers). 

Where a question is not relevant to your experience or knowledge, please respond ‘NA' (Not Applicable) and proceed to the next one. Or, if it is relevant but you do not know the response, please respond ‘do not know’. Where specific questions appear more relevant to other organisation(s) you are aware of, please forward the survey and invite them to respond.

The deadline for this survey is  Friday 30 April 2021. You can only take this survey once.

N.B. You do not need to answer all the questions at the same time, as you can save your progress and complete the survey later. To return to the survey, you must provide a valid email address via the toolbar. A continuation link is sent to the provided email. When you use the Save and Continue feature, all survey progress up to that point is saved (including on the active page).