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If you are a data provider or a data publisher wanting to help users easily find and reuse your data – these webinars are for you!

Making data available is crucial for Europe´s digital future. However, publishing data is not enough; it is equally important to describe it precisely so that people and machines can discover it and reuse easily.

In this webinar series, scheduled in 3 sessions for basic and advanced users, Makx Dekkers, an information technology expert and a contributor to DCAT v.2, explains everything you need to know about:

The EU Open Data Portal invites you to participate! The webinars are free and open for registrations. Scroll down to book your place.

Webinar 1 : GENERAL INTRODUCTION Monday 8 March 2021, 10:00-11:15 CET - To see the recording click here.
Webinar 2 : BASIC USER Monday 22 March 2021, 10:00-11:15 CET - To see the recording click here.
Webinar 3 : ADVANCED USER Monday 19 April 2021, 10:00-11:15 CEST - To see the recording click here.

What is on the programme?
Before the webinar, participants are encouraged to read the suggested materials.

Webinar 1 :
GENERAL INTRODUCTION – this webinar is intended for all users and does not require prior knowledge. It gives a general introduction to DCAT and DCAT-AP.


  • Basic requirements that inspired the development of DCAT and DCAT-AP;
  • Background history of the development of DCAT and its evolution to DCAT v.2;
  • Basic functionalities supported by Catalog, Dataset and Distribution classes of DCAT, and the addition of the new classes, Catalogued Resource and Data Service in DCAT v.2;
  • An overview of the work on DCAT-AP and DCAT-AP v.2.

Webinar 2 :
BASIC USER – this webinar is intended for basic users with some knowledge in the field or have participated in Webinar 1 (general introduction).


  • The reuse of basic standards in the definition of DCAT-AP v.2;
  • Details of the model of DCAT-AP with practical examples of existing descriptions following the specification;
  • Role of controlled vocabularies in DCAT-AP.

Webinar 3 :
ADVANCED USER – this webinar is intended for advanced users with working experience with DCAT or DCAT-AP, or with substantial knowledge in the field.


  • Extensions in DCAT-AP to the basic specification of DCAT;
  • A discussion of common problems - discussion topics for Webinar 3
  • The conformance of local DCAT-based profiles with DCAT-AP v.2;
  • The influence of DCAT-AP on the development of DCAT at W3C.


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  • Please note that this course may be recorded and published. By registering for this course and attending it live, you provide your consent with this possibility. The privacy statement can be consulted here.
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The webinars are part of the series of free webinars, EU Open Data Explained, promoting the value of EU open data and organized by the Publications Office of the European Union. Stay tuned for more – follow the EU Open Data Portal.