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Student Mental Health

Student Mental Health Survey

The University acknowledges that many students are likely to be experiencing issues with their mental health during the pandemic and that those issues may continue for the duration their studies.

The University is currently reviewing its Student Mental Health Policy and its support provision for students who are experiencing mental health difficulties. We are seeking feedback from students to enable us to better inform policy and improve current provision and access to support.

The responses are anonymous but if you would like to take part in a Focus Group (a more detailed discussion of your experience), please give your ID number and we will contact you.

If you’d like to be entered into the prize draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher, please enter your details when prompted at the end of the survey.
Your help with this is much appreciated.

The Health & Wellbeing Team (Counselling, Disability and Mental Wellbeing Support)
1. Are you receiving current medical treatment e.g. GP (Doctor), Community Mental Health Team, Psychiatrist for a mental health condition?
2. Did you disclose your mental health condition to the University?
2. Why didn’t you disclose your mental health condition to the University?
2. You disclosed your mental health condition to the University. Are you receiving support from any of these teams? (Indicate all that apply.)
2. Why have you not asked for support from a University team?
2. The professional specialist teams also support students who do not have a medical diagnosis of a mental health condition but may have concerns about their wellbeing. Do you have support from any of these teams? (Indicate all that apply)

2. During the pandemic, the University has promoted self-help online support to support your Mental Health. Have you accessed any of this support? (Indicate all that apply)
3. Did you attend a Health & Wellbeing induction/welcome event?
4. Supporting your mental wellbeing: how would you rate your knowledge of what support is available in the University?
I didn’t know there was support available.I know there is support but don’t know the details.I know a little about each of the support teams.I know what is available.I know what support is available and how to access it.
In order for us to review our policies to further help our student cohorts, we'd like to ask you a few questions about you. If you'd prefer not to give us this data for your gender and ethnicity, you can select the 'Rather not say' option

For support at the University, please contact or If you need immediate support, contact NHS Direct 111 and use option 2 or call the Samaritans on 116 123.