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DG Regio - CBC

Cross-border obstacles between EU Member States and Enlargement Countries

Inventory of obstacles experienced and solutions found for cross-border cooperation.

The European Commission, DG REGIO commissioned a study “Cross-border obstacles between EU Member States and Enlargement Countries”. Spatial Foresight, in cooperation with EureConsult and t33 perform this study.

The study will provide an inventory of all important cross-border obstacles and further analyse them and develop guidance to support regional and local stakeholders working in the field of cross-border cooperation and IPA-CBC programmes.

This survey aims to collect information on obstacles and solutions for cross-border cooperation between EU Member States and Enlargement Countries. Particular attention will be paid to the different nature of obstacles, i.e. political, legal and administrative obstacles and geographical, socio-economic and cultural obstacles. Understanding these aspects is particularly relevant to adapt policy making and propose relevant instruments and tools to ease border obstacles and their impacts. The survey focuses on the situation of cross-border cooperation and interaction prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your contributions to this survey are crucial to collect information on obstacles and possible solutions in this particular geographic area. Completing the survey will take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the number and details of cross-border obstacles that you are familiar with. You will also be invited to submit additional documentation of obstacles you have experienced.
Information collected through the survey will be treated anonymously and aggregated for analysis. Individual answers provided will not be shared with the European Commission. Personal data will not be stored or communicated to third parties. Any information collected will be used only for the purposes of the above-mentioned study and will be deleted upon closure of the project.
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