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asialaw - Submissions 2022


Thank you for participating in the asialaw annual research.

For each country, you can submit one research form for each practice area/sector category. Select relevant ranking categories you are submitting for in the checkbox and then upload your research form(s) below. We expect industry sector information to be included in the practice area forms. However, if you prefer to submit separate industry sector forms, you are welcome to do so. 

Please submit deals and cases based on the 'ranking categories' we have outlined in the Research guidelines.

Please ensure your research form files are named correctly, our suggested naming format is:
(Example: ABCLawFirm_HongKong_BankingandFinance_ALP2022 or ABCLawFirm_HongKong_RealEstate_ALP2022)

Providing you submit the information we request on our research form, we are happy to accept submissions in an alternative format, but we would prefer you DO NOT use the PDF format. The maximum size of your submission file cannot exceed 750kb.

For further information on our research process please contact the editor Joanna Yang (
3. Please include below the details of three individuals (BD, marketing, PR) we can contact in order to arrange interviews *This question is required.
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Research contact 1
Research contact 2
Research contact 3
4. Please select up to THREE areas that you believe the firm is strongest in