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Schedule F: Digital Marketing. Application Form 2021

Notes to Applicants

This form is to be used by eligible undertakings that wish to benefit from support for digital marketing for export purposes.

Before applying, please read the Trade Promotion Guidelines, found on the TradeMalta web-site, paying particular attention to Section 6.5, Schedule F, concerning "Digital Marketing".

Only application forms filled and submitted electronically will be accepted and the arrangement/layout of the application form may not be altered. All required fields in this application form must be completed. Once you have entered a valid e-mail address, you will be able to save your progress as you go along. Once you have clicked "submit", you will need to contact TradeMalta to obtain a link from which you can re-access your application.

Further information, as well as information and guidance on the filling in of the application form may be found on TradeMalta's website (log in to: obtained by contacting TradeMalta during office hours on (+356) 2247 2400 or via email at

The application form and any attached documents will be treated in confidence throughout and after the application process.